Muscular madman


Mom-Galila Dad-Kurdan

  • Siblings in order of age:
  • sister- Dendera-26
  • sister-Anara-23
  • sister-Tansuha-22
  • me-21
  • sister-Bricthiua-18
  • brother-Kursat-12
  • sister-Aryah-8
    Tanaat’s father Kurdan was a solder in the magnamar army and his mother Galila was a successful trader.
    Tanaat has 6 siblings five sisters and one brother. father died one year after Aryah was born. I started looking for extra work to help support the family.
    after 3 years mother was never heard from again after she had gone out to deliver some good.
    I soon found work with a woman named Sigrid smuggling goods. The work payed well and i was able to support all my siblings. over time Sigrid and her family became close friends and Ooinn her son and i became close/best of friends.

One night on a job i was careless and got caught. while i was in prison my siblings had been taken to live with our uncle in Whistledow. After getting out I went to whistledow and spent time working there. One of mothers old contacts family still lives there.

Born in a city/metropolis:
born in magnamar

parents positions:
Mother was a trades woman. Father was a solder.

Parents died:
mother died while out on a trip to deliver some good last minute when the original caravan never showed up to take the delivery.
Father died while working as a solder.

after parents death my siblings and i where bullied for being Shoanti.

I was imprisoned when i was caught smuggling goods into the city to help support my siblings.

After i was arrested one of our Uncles came and took my siblings back to his home town of Whistledown and is now taking care of them.

Best friend:
Cataleya. we became good friends after i was let out of prison and i had gone to live with my uncle and siblings.

on the day that i was let out of prison the guard escorting me out of the city made a comment on how he remembered that i had sisters and that my oldest sister looked to good to pass up and that he may just have to pay a visit. I left his unconscious body lay in the street as i walked the rest of the way out of the city.

Close Friend/family:
Ooinn’s mother and i worked together smuggling till I got caught while on a job. during the time i worked with Ooinn’s mother Ooinn and i became close friends.

I have a current lover who is the daughter of a noble family in magnamar.
we are to keep our relationship a secret till i have become more respectable and some one of worth so as to not shame her family. I do not like this Idea but it will make Esmeralda happy to have her parents on our side.


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