Optional Rules and Character Creation

Stat Rolling
Everyone will roll 4d6 taking out the lowest die 6 times and then place where you want.

Restricted Alignments: LE, CE and Neutral. Yes, if you can make CN work then I will allow it. But you’ll have to make a story line that fits with the groups’ goals otherwise just wandering off and doing ‘whatever’ will just be a disruption to the game.

Only the races in the Core Rule Book are allowed, but Humans can, and should, pick a racial stock they belong to (Except Azlanti since it’s an extinct line). Non-humans should look into the racial books for options and such. Also, half-orcs are not recommended as they will essentially be attacked on sight almost everywhere they go.

The following shows Not Recommended and Not Allowed classes:

Not Recommended

Not Allowed

Optional Rules to be Used

  • Hero Points (APG, Pg 322); Extra starting HP’s will be given for good starting stories that integrate the random rolls of the backgrounds.
  • Traits (Various books); starting characters get 2 but if you roll a Drawback in your
  • Background rolls you get one more.
  • Piecemeal Armor (Ultimate Combat, pg 198)
  • Wounds and Vigor (Ultimate Combat, pg 206)
  • Random Character Backgrounds (Ultimate campaigns, pg 6)
  • Downtime (Ultimate Campaigns, pg 74); Allows characters to build businesses or groups such as Merc or religious organizations.
  • Campaign Systems (Ultimate Campaigns, Pg 134) Pretty much all these ‘tweaks’ and optional rules are in play except for the Young Characters. Check out Retraining, pg 188.
  • Kingdoms and War (Ultimate Campaigns, pg 198); For later in the game when the characters are much higher level. Groups, orders, and other things from Downtime can lead into building a ‘kingdom’, which could be a small town to a large land holding incorporating multiple cities and huge tracks of land.

Last Note: If you pull something out of a book or guide and it seems way too uber for Level 1 characters, check with me first please so that it doesn’t unbalance the game.

Optional Rules and Character Creation

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